Submitted application to develop a school project about Sustainability

SilivriEarly in January 11 partners from different European schools met in a preparatory visit in Silivri (Turkey) and collaborated to develop a joint project All partners unanimously agreed to submit application to develop a multilateral school project about Sustainability. The project is titled “Mission into the Future” and draws together a community of schools with a common interest in global sustainability.

Our joint vision is to give our students opportunities to develop their understanding from a European perspective thus broadening their current localised scope. Through a carefully structured programme of collaborative activities they will develop their knowledge of changing societies, economics, technologies & future solutions to shared challenges.

Throughout the project students will undertake active research; the programme will consist of innovative and participatory methods for bringing topical issues to life. Each mobility will be triggered by a relevant site visit leading to practical activities e.g. scientific research and physical activity. These will provide further stimulus for intellectual debate & creative response within each school.
The project will encourage a thematic approach from all schools which will focus on different aspects of sustainability e.g. renewable energy sources, recycling & the future way forward.


Associate teacher at the Master of Arts in Digital Technologies for Language Teaching at the University of Nottingham

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