“Mission into the Future” project: organisation of the 1st day of the meeting in Drama

Angelos-RajinderVisit at 6th Secondary School: Partners had the opportunity to meet teachers and pupils of the 6th Secondary School. Pupils of the 6th Secondary School of Drama informed their peers through a presentation of the activities of the week (where we will go, what we will see, etc.). Due to the large number of participants in the meeting (total 70 pupils and teachers) they were allocated into two groups. Below you can watch parts of the presentations.

FillipiVisit of an ancient theatre-Theatre of Philippi (social-cultural sustainability): In the era of globalization it is more than ever important to preserve cultural sites, traditions and ethos. We discussed about the life of ancient Greeks and their relationship with the theatre and we played several ice-breaking games in the area of the theatre.
Lunch in a local tavern: Meeting on table is always an excellent opportunity to exchange views and ideas and a starting point for lively discussions.
Presentations (solar cooker-renewable energy): Pupils from Poland, Germany, Portugal, Romania, and Turkey presented the process of constructing their solar cookers and ovens.
saint barbaraTour in a natural wetland of Drama – Saint Barbara (social-cultural sustainability): The water sources of Saint Barbara is a natural wetland in the centre of the city of Drama and it is rightly considered as the unique characteristic of the city. Many cultural events take place in the area during the whole year. Citizens of Drama visit Saint Barbara to enjoy their coffee, lunch or dinner. We enjoyed a walk in the area.
Project coordinators meeting.


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