“Mission into the Future” project: organisation of the 2nd day of the meeting in Drama

solidarity gamesVisit at the cave of Alistrati (ecotourism and environmental sustainability): Access to caves involves an emphasis on conservation due to the naturally fragile characteristics of caves. The visit helped us develop our understanding of the natural resources and we discussed about our ecological footprint and how we might reduce our impact on earth’s limited resources.
Solidarity games: On the beautiful area outside the cave we played games that are based on cooperation.
Lunch in a local tavern.
Presentations (solar cooker-renewable energy): Pupils from Latvia, France, UK, Netherlands, and Italy presented presented the process of constructing their solar cookers and ovens.
kifaVisit at the Social Solidarity Clinic of Drama (social-political sustainability): Economic crisis in Greece is a result of a long period of political alienation. Citizens have been feeling that laws were broken down, political decisions were unclear and unpredictable, and that they could not affect the actions of the government. Social Solidarity Clinic is a self-organised initiative that resists to the austerity and inhuman measures imposed by the Greek government and the IMF. We were informed by volunteers working in the SSCD about its structure, function and role in political resistance and providing health care to people excluded from the National Health Care System.
The video below includes the presentation of the SSCD in the first day of the meeting and the visit to the SSCD.


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