nQuire-it – new learning platform launches today!

The nQuire-it platform is a research and development project funded by Nominet Trust, and coordinated by The Open University in collaboration with Sheffield UTC.

nQuire-it have developed three types of missions:

  1. Win-it missions set challenges with prizes for the winners. Each challenge needs a creative response. Some missions involve science experiments, e.g., ‘Suggest an astronomy observation using the Open University’s PIRATE remotely-controlled telescope’. Others tackle everyday problems, e.g., ‘Propose an imaginative way to attract bumblebees to gardens’.
  2. Sense-it missions make use of the Sense-it mobile app to collect and share data using smartphone sensors (e.g., accelerometer, gyroscope, light, sound). For example, ‘What is the fastest lift?’, the Sense-it app can be found in Play Store here.
  3. Spot-it missions allow you to capture images and spot things around us, such as strange signs and unusual uses of English.


nQuire-it software is open source so anyone can join or create missions for free. They can invite other people to join their missions by using your Facebook, Twitter or Google accounts. The most successful missions will get the chance to win prizes such as money rewards, vouchers or even to have their observation made on the PIRATE telescope in Mallorca.

Website: http://www.nquire-it.org/


Associate teacher at the Master of Arts in Digital Technologies for Language Teaching at the University of Nottingham

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