Reflection on my teaching practice – Open eTwinning #twinmooc

There are several things that I would like to improve in my teaching practice, but what I would like most to achieve is to integrate some (at least) outdoor activities in the way that I deliver the ICT curriculum. Obviously this is not an easy to achieve goal mainly because most activities require the use of computer and computers are in the computer lab. (Needless to say that we don’t have laptops or other hand held device in school and students are not allowed to bring their mobiles at school). Any ideas are welcomed!

Eratosthenes experiment - 21/3/2016

The photo is an activity (outdoor as you see 😉 ) from a project we did this year which involved students in making the measurements that Eratosthenes did to calculate Earth’s circumference.


Associate teacher at the Master of Arts in Digital Technologies for Language Teaching at the University of Nottingham

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