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Project plan for the #twinmooc

Project plan: Having fun with science Project goals The project aims to: Cultivate students’ interest and curiosity in science, support them in building their knowledge about basic science concepts, and make them active agents of their learning. Develop students’ creativity

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Collaborative activity for the 4th Unit of the #twinmooc

The fourth Unit of the “Open eTwinning” MOOC asks participants to devise a collaborative activity and integrate it into their draft project plan. As regards my draft plan, I think there are two general ways to induce collaboration in the

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Draft project plan for the #twinmooc

In the 3rd Unit of the “Open eTwinning” MOOC participants are required to devise a draft project plan. Well, what follows is mine 🙂 Title: Making science fun through experiments Students’ age: 13-15 Language: English Curriculum topics: Maths, Physics, Chemistry

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What are the emerging topics from teachers’ brainstorming at #twinmooc?

One of the activities of the second Unit of the Open eTwinning MOOC (#twinmooc) invited participants to share reflections on their own teaching practice on an online collaborative board on Padlet. I was one of the first who contributed my reflections to

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