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What are the emerging topics from teachers’ brainstorming at #twinmooc?

One of the activities of the second Unit of the Open eTwinning MOOC (#twinmooc) invited participants to share reflections on their own teaching practice on an online collaborative board on Padlet. I was one of the first who contributed my reflections to

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Using social media to engage and develop the online learner in self-determined learning

What is the role of social media in promoting cognitive and meta-cognitive learner development? This research examined the perspectives of students and instructors on the use of social media in the online classroom. The results showed that students perceived specific

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What teachers say about the benefits and impacts of using games in the classroom?

In a recent research by the Joan Ganz Cooney Center about digital games in the classroom teachers said the use of games can have a huge benefit for those students who have struggled in regular school situations and tests. Nearly

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